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"Build Your Small Business Fast
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New 2012 Edition! Direct mail postcards are a highly effective and VERY low-cost way to promote your business. This New Edition of my best selling manual reveals a quick, easy and very low-cost way to generate an endless stream of hot prospects ready to do business with you TODAY! more...

"Low Cost Marketing Secrets"

New! This new, idea packed manual reveals over 100 little-known marketing secrets you can use immediately to generate sales fast - and for little or no cost. more...

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This collection of my 32 most popular marketing articles reveals the complete strategy for successfully marketing any product or service of offline. more...

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"I got your manual and designed a postcard that is giving me an 8% response in just the first 2 days!"
...Alan M. Johnson, Tucson, AZ

"I used one of the ideas to do a mailing which received about a 10% response rate." ...Cherise Greski, Westchester, IL

"I appreciate you being available for help AFTER the sale of your book. I attained 3 new customers with my first mailout and they are all long term."
...Tricia Lee, Pensacola, FL

"Got your book and read it cover to cover. Very good stuff. I rarely get time to read but yours was worth it!"
...Jim Daniels, JDD Publishing, Smithfield, RI,

"Tested list of 700... 4% responded. Result -450 profit."
...Robert Sweeney, Halifax, England

"The book is great! I've read it twice already. I also think it's great that you actually answer your phone - few people selling information do!".
...Eric Reynolds, Portland, ME

"I read your book at least 3 times. The best info so far are the sources for lists. I found the list I have been looking for."
...Ted Zagwyn, Shawnee, KS

"It's nice to know there are people like yourself with REAL knowledge of the small business world who offer quality material for a reasonable price".
...David Rose, Salt Lake City, UT

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