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32 Proven Marketing Strategies
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  • A simple no-cost technique you can use to beat your competition -- every time.

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  • A simple 80/20 formula you can copy to maximize your response (and profits) from all your advertising (BOTH traditional and on the Internet) ...without increasing your costs.

  • A proven 5 step procedure you can easily follow to successfully launch a new business -- or to successfully launch a new product or service for your existing business.

  • 4 easy, low-cost actions you can take to quickly reverse any slump in your volume of business ...and turn it into a permanent increase in sales.

You'll find all of these and much more in my new 68 page manual, "How To Build A High-Profit Business On A Low-Impact Budget". It's a collection of 32 of my most popular published articles. Together they reveal the complete strategy for successfully marketing any product or service ...online or offline.

Each article reveals a successful business strategy or tactic I learned by trial and error in my own business. There's no theory here. Only practical, proven techniques, methods and systems you can easily copy to build your business -- FAST.

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Here's A List Of The 32 Articles You'll Get...

  • How To Create A Profitable Little Ad
  • How To Write A Captivating Headline
  • How To Create A High-Impact Sales Letter -- FAST
  • How To Double Your Business Income -- It's Easier Than You Think
  • Don't Overlook Your Most Profitable Source Of Business?
  • Are You Building Your Business By Guessing Or Testing?
  • How Much Business Are You Getting From Your Natural Market?
  • How To Increase Your Profits With An "Upselling Offer"

    Plus . . .
  • How To Beat Your Competition
  • Simple, Low-Cost Marketing Methods Often Produce The Best Results
  • Complaining Customers Are Good For Business
  • How To Successfully Launch A New Business
  • How To Promote Your Business By Providing Specialized Information
  • How To Reverse A "Slump" In Business -- FAST
  • Increase Your Sales And Profits With A Powerful Offer
  • The Unexpected "Thank You"
  • Increase Your Sales And Profits With This 3 Step Marketing Process

    Plus even more . . .
  • Target A Niche Market To Increase Your Sales And Profits
  • Increase Your Sales By Reversing The Risk
  • How To Use Simple Postcards To Generate Low-Cost Prospect Leads
  • How To Get Free Testimonials And Use Them To Increase Your Sales
  • Increase Your Sales And Profits With Personalized Messages
  • Don't Play Hide And Seek With Your Prospects And Customers
  • Are You Enjoying The Profits Hidden In Your Own House Mailing List?
  • Increase Your Profits By Coordinating Online And Traditional Offline Marketing

    And still more . . .
  • A System To Find The Best Mailing List
  • Increase Your Profits With Effective Follow Up
  • Who Are You And Why Should I Care?
  • Build Sales & Profits Fast With Simple Postcards
  • How To Increase The Response You Get From Your Lead Generating Ads
  • How Will Your Business Respond To The Challenge Of Change?
  • How To Overcome The 4 Reasons People Don't Buy From You

Each of these articles appeared as a feature article in several magazines, newsletters and internet publications. Now, for the first time, you can get all 32 of them for yourself in one big 8 1/2 x 11 inch, 68 page, spiral bound manual.

Up-To-Date -- Works For Any Business

The information in these articles is completely up-to-date. I present each topic in simple, easy to understand language so you'll know exactly how to put it into action. After you read an article you'll be full of ideas and motivated to take action.

The strategies, tactics and techniques revealed in this manual work for ANY business. They're effective for building an MLM distributorship, a medical practice, a landscaping service ...or any other type of business. They apply equally to promoting your business in traditional ways or on the Internet. You'll find examples and applications for both in almost every article.

A Quick Word About My Background And Experience

For over 25 years I developed sales lead programs for one of the largest financial services companies in the world. My creations produced over 19 Million Dollars of sales and continue to produce over $37,000 of new sales every month.

In the past 5 years, I helped small companies in all fields of business increase their sales and profits with Low-Cost marketing methods. Now, with my manual ...YOU can be among the first to copy these same proven profit makers to build YOUR small business -- Fast.

Here's What Those Who Already Bought This Book Say

Every week I get unsolicited testimonials from people in all types of businesses. They describe dramatic results the writer achieved by using a marketing strategy, tactic or technique revealed in one of my articles. Here are 3 recent examples...

"Your articles are helping me more right now than anything I have read or studied in the past"
... Stuart Barlow, Everett, Massachusetts

"Very helpful. I was able to generate some very good sales leads for my new business"
... Dolores Moen, Beaverton, Oregon

"It's scary how simple these techniques are! I am finding it very informative and profitable"
... Thomas Burgett, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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